Updated and Effective As Of: MAY 4, 2012


This is an agreement between you and Nimvia, LLC (“Nimvia”).


Please read this agreement carefully. It governs your subscription to one or more Nimvia software offerings that are provided as a service, including any software, content, materials, or services that you receive through the subscription. By using any of the Nimvia software offerings you agree to the terms and conditions of this Nimvia Subscription Agreement. 

  • The software offerings are available for download on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription basis.

  • Subscription fees are waived during the initial phases of commercialization while further revisions and refinements are made based on practitioner feedback and requests.

  • In consideration for your use, you agree to provide comments, ideas for improvements, and notice of technical issues that arise during your use in the initial phases of commercialization.

  • You agree that you will not rely upon the software for mission-critical purposes and that there may be errors or omissions in reminders. You agree not to rely upon the reminders generated and you release and waive any liability or other claims against NIMVIA, LLC for any error or omission in generating reminders as well as any errors or omissions in the data that is provided through the software offering(s).

  • You acknowledge and agree that the subscription to the software during the initial phases of commercialization may be discontinued at any time for any purposes in the discretion of NIMVIA, LLC, and that you have no right to use--and NIMVIA, LLC has no obligation to provide--the software offering to you.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at subscriptions@nimvia.com.